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PRIF Freedom 1 Review – Wireless Headset Hiccups

Officially licensed by Sony, the Freedom 1 is a cheap, yet potentially cheerful option for those looking to do away with the wired earpiece that comes bundled with the PlayStation 4 console.

Described by Prif as a “unique wireless headset that delivers peerless audio performance, has an excellent range of features and offers superior styling,” the Freedom 1 is certainly aiming high. After using the headset for a week, I found I liked the comfort achieved by swapping out the standard earpiece for the alternative provided in the box. And I appreciate the ability to change the black design for a camouflage print.

Where the Freedom 1 went wrong however, was in the audio experience. No matter how I set the headset up, or who I spoke to in chat or in a group, audio feedback could be heard. Sometimes it would be a faint hum, at other times a loud unpleasant screech. And this is after making sure my PlayStation 4 was far away from any other electrical devices, or wires, or any other interference I could think of.

The ability to monitor my voice while talking is a feature I love in a headset, and while live monitoring is boasted by the Freedom 1, it often resulted in an amplification of the feedback, hitting me with a deafening blast.

So I’d say it’s comfortable to wear, and it works fine as a purely mono output for gameplay sound, but for chat, I’d personally stay far away.

Freedom 1 review unit was provided to PlayStation LifeStyle by PRIF for the purposes of this review. For more information, please see our Review Policy here. 

You can learn more about the Freedom 1 on PRIF’s website here.

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