Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Bring Private Matches, Clans, More

Bungie announced at gamescom that the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny will have plenty more to offer players when it comes to the multiplayer matches. Private matches will finally come to Destiny, allowing players to control the game mode, map, time limit, light level, vehicles, and time of day for a private player-vs-player session in the Crucible.

These Private Matches will be held in personal clubhouses defined by a Clan. Yes, you will be able to create and join Clans on To create an official Clan with Bungie, the Clan must have at least three active members. All Clan recruitment must be performed in the Bungie forums. The Clan Rosters are then divided by platform. With a Clan Roster, it will be even easier to create a Private Match. To play in Private Matches, players will have to join a Clan.

If the Clan becomes large enough, members can hold a tournament and find out who is the best Guardian among them. 

One more note, though; the Private Matches will only be available to Guardians who play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. While the Private Matches and Clans will arrive when Rise of Iron does, purchasing the expansion is not a prerequisite for playing Private Matches. Private Matches will be available for all Destiny players on the current generation of consoles.

What say you, Destiny players? Is this two years too late as many have been saying or is it better late than never?

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