Dark Souls 3 to Receive “Major Announcement” Next Week

The official Dark Souls Twitter has tweeted out a very mysterious message, leaving fans of the series very excited to hear what’s in store for the future of the beloved franchise. The tweet states that “a major announcement is forthcoming on August 24” and fans are already trying to figure out what it could be.

There is a strong possibility that it will be DLC for the latest installment in the series. We’re told that a week’s wait will be “worth it.” “No BS this time.”

Dark Souls 3 is also scheduled to receive patch 1.11 on August 25. The detailed patch notes include the length of the Hammer skill increase, delayed movement cancel timing for certain shields, and much more. Check out the full list of changes below:

• The length of the Hammer skill, Perseverance (reduce damage when activated), has been increased

• Delayed the movement cancel timing of certain medium shields upon guard break

• Removed the ability to parry when using the skills Blind Spot (Corvian Greatknife, Handmaid’s dagger) and Dancer’s Grace (Dancer’s Enchanted Swords)

• Adjusted the shield penetration properties of Harpe, Shotel, Crescent Moon Sword, Carthus Shotel, Man Serpent Hatchet and Darkdrift

• Fixed a bug where sound effects did not play properly when using Lightning Spears in quick succession

• The attack cancel timing for rapiers equipped in the left hand has been adjusted

• Several balance issues have been adjusted

• Flaws have been fixed to improve performance

Dark Souls 3 released on March 24, 2016, and has given players a very thrilling experience. It is available to play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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