New Umbrella Corps Update Includes New Map, New Gear, and 4 Survivors Mode

Capcom has rolled out a new update today for Umbrella Corps that includes a new map, some new gear, and a brand new mode. Fans of Resident Evil 6 will recognize the new map of Lanshiang, which is available for both One-Life Match and Multi-Mission Mode. Capcom didn’t go into details about the new gear, other than to say that it includes the ever-generic “new equipment, new I.C.O.N.S., and new customization items.

The biggest part of this update is the 4 Survivors mode. Instead of a 3-on-3 team battle, 4 Survivors pits four players against one another, armed with only a handgun, a knife, and a flashlight. Using the flashlight is a double-edged sword. While it can help you find ammo, gear, or healing herbs, it will also alert the other players of your location. Points are awarded for every second a player is alive. When a player is killed, they drop all of their points for other pick up, which can trigger a quick fight to the death over these points. The only way to secure your points earned is to find an ink ribbon, which will keep your points, even after death. The catch is that there is only one typewriter in the entire mode, and all players know where it is. 

This update for Umbrella Corps is completely free for all game owners. 

[Source: Capcom via Twitter]