Hello Games Plans to Expand No Man’s Sky’s Scope Through Future Updates

Hello Games’ Sean Murray has said that although the current focus of No Man’s Sky is on exploration and survival, the developer plans to expand its scope via future updates. “Through updates and things in the future, we will make the game about other things,” he revealed in an interview with Express.co.uk. But for now, the game is all about “those feelings and those emotions, about that grander idea of exploration.”

Lack of multiplayer in No Man’s Sky has been quite a hot topic. The game is a solo journey but many believe that the ability to play with others would have made the overall package more attractive. According to Murray, there are enough multiplayer games in the market and what makes his game different is precisely the solo experience. “We want to celebrate what’s different about No Man’s Sky, and just spread people as far apart as possible,” he explained.

It’s unclear what Hello Games plans to add in future updates. At the moment, the team is “totally focused on customer support.”

[Source: Express.co.uk, Sean Murray (Twitter)]