Wanderjahr Release Date Announced for Next Week

Corecell Technology has announced the Wanderjahr release date for North America on Vita on August 31, 2016. The game will only be available via digital download.

Wanderjahr is an RPG/point-and-click hybrid that features real-time combat. Players can utilize up to 18 characters with various roles to fight against monsters in battle, solve mysteries, and uncover the truth behind creating harmony and peace for the universe.

In the story of Wanderjahr, the UN Jariya—a global organization in charge with keeping world order—is working with a Universal Source Code discovered one hundred years ago to maintain peace across the world. The UN continually tweaks and updates the code to create a better, more peaceful world order for all, but two weeks before the project is expected to complete, monsters suddenly appear and wreak havoc across the globe. The player’s mission is to stop the monster invasion and discover if this is linked to the Universal Source Code in some way.

Check out the trailer above to see it all in action.

[Source: I Play PS Vita]