Now Loading…Is the PS+ Price Increase Justified?

In what might be the most shocking and most unwelcome news this week, Sony has announced that the subscription price of PlayStation Plus will increase starting September 22 to the following amounts: For a 12-month subscription, the price will go from $49.99 USD/$49.99 CAD to $59.99 USD/$69.99 CAD, while the 3-month subscription will go from $17.99 USD/$17.99 CAD to $24.99 USD/$29.99 CAD. Finally, the 1-month subscription is staying at $9.99 USD, but will increase to $11.99 CAD.

Needless to say — and understandably so — a lot of our readers had something to say about it (seriously, there’s almost 300 comments in that thread). Of course, the PlayStation LifeStyle staff had to weigh in on this big issue  as well, and we do in this latest Now Loading entry! Are we in outrage? Completely OK since it hasn’t increased in price in years? Expecting better games out of the monthly lineup? Check the staff responses in the gallery below.

Don’t forget, there’s nothing stopping you from loading up on yearly subscriptions now while it’s cheaper. Heck, there’s a good chance you can find deals online that will give you yearly memberships at a lower rate than what’s there now. Having said that, Sony hopefully steps up its game when it comes to the monthly free PlayStation games, no?

PlayStation LifeStyle readers, what do you think? Are you mad about that $10 increase per year (which works out to what? 80+ cents per month?), expecting better games? Are you considering cancelling your subscription as your way of protesting? Are you scared that this might be the return of “arrogant Sony?” Same as always, share your thoughts in the comments and let’s get this discussion going.

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