Sony Offers a Look at PlayStation VR’s Early Days in New Video

Announcing a new five-part video series offering a behind-the-scenes look at PlayStation VR‘s development, Sony has released the developer diary above, glancing back at the project’s early days. 

“This isn’t just games plus, this is game revolution,” says Director Simon Benson. Talking about the device’s beginnings, Senior Creative Director George Andreas added:

We had a group working on some prototype hardware – things taped together with kind of sticky tape and held together with strings. It was these early prototypes of the hardware that allowed us to see the potential of what we could do with a new way of seeing a game world.

Sony also revealed that it was sending prototypes to developers quite early on. Check out the video above for more.

We’re told to expect future episodes regularly over the coming weeks, in which Sony plans to show how development teams have “harnessed the headset’s innovative display, 3D audio and intuitive control inputs to create truly immersive gameplay experiences.”

PlayStation VR is set to launch this October. 

[Source: PlayStation]