Here’s 14 Minutes of Vampyr Gameplay

Vampyr, the upcoming action-RPG from Dontnod (Life is Strange), was given a 15-minute gameplay video today. Based on the pre-alpha version, the video takes place a little after the beginning of the game, where protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid must come to terms with what he’s become.

Featuring some of the ideas “that make Vampyr a unique gameplay experience, where the narrative is directly tied to the gameplay,” publisher Focus Home Interactive stresses that this is from an early version of the game. “This video is taken from a pre-alpha version of the game, and while many aspects are still very early in their development process – notably the combat system – you’ll get to see many of the gameplay ideas currently being worked on,” they said.

Here’s a list of key features in Vampyr:

  • Explore a darkly atmospheric early 20th century London.
  • Play a tormented and powerful Vampire learning the rules of your new condition. A man of science, a beast of the night: Your toughest battles will be within yourself.
  • Build your own combat style through a wide range of crafted weapons and powerful Vampire abilities to defeat a large and unique bestiary.
  • Choose your fate: moral choices will shape your story. How human could a Vampire be, when he must feed?

Vampyr releases in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our E3 2016 preview over here.