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Nordic Games Became THQ Nordic Because of Its Business Focus and THQ’s “Big” Name

Earlier this month, Nordic Games announced that it was re-branding itself as THQ Nordic, breathing some life into the defunct developer three years after its closure. The move wasn’t too surprising since Nordic bought quite a few of THQ’s properties but speaking to MCV, CEO Lars Wingefors delved deeper into the decision. 

Prior to its acquisition of THQ’s IPs, Wingefors says that no one really knew “who the f***” Nordic was.” He considers the publisher “a small player” with legacy in Austria, Germany and Scandinavia whereas THQ had a focus on the US market. However, since Nordic’s business is now “so centered around” THQ’s IPs, it made sense to Wingeford to become THQ Nordic. 

Since we acquired the THQ brand, we have come to realize just how big that name actually is. Our business is so centered around IP we purchased from THQ that I just felt that we are a mixture of THQ and Nordic Games. That’s why we have made the name THQ Nordic. It’s still called Nordic as we have a legacy in Sweden and Austria. 

While Wingeford is unable to comment on its upcoming IPs, he said that he’s excited about announcing them “in the coming few months or the next year.”

[Source: MCV]