Image Credit: THQ Nordic/Pieces Interactive

Alone in the Dark Developer Shows First Look at The Game’s Villain in New Teaser

THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive have revealed a new teaser for the upcoming Alone in the Dark revival ahead of a bigger reveal set for tomorrow. It gives us a potential first glimpse at the game’s main villain.

The narrated thirty-eight-second teaser is titled The Dark Man, and begins with protagonists Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby talking about Emily’s uncle Jeremy. Carnby enquires what’s wrong with him. Emily answers that Jeremy believes a dark man is following him, watching him at all times. Whilst this conversation is going on, we get a glimpse of the dark man in question. The teaser then goes on to put up two sentences. Don’t speak his name. He’s always listening.

Alone in the Dark ‘The Dark Man’ Teaser

In the original game this was Ezechiel Pregzt, an occultist pirate responsible for building the Derceto Mansion that Emily and Edward have come to investigate. He’s supposed to be long dead, but there are dark forces at work in Derceto.

The teaser ends by telling us to find out more tomorrow, August 2, where presumably, there will be a more in-depth look at The Dark Man and how he fits into this reimagining of the 1992 survival horror classic.

Alone in the Dark is directed by former Frictional Games writer Mikael Hedberg, and stars Killing Eve‘s Jodie Comer as Emily Hartwood and Stranger ThingsDavid Harbour as Edward Carnby.

If you can’t wait for a taste of Derceto’s creepy Southern Gothic vibes, then you can download the prologue demo from the PS Store right now.