RIGS Mechanized Combat League’s Single-Player Career Mode Lets You Play Offline With AI Pilots

Along with a 3-on-3 online mode where you team up with two other players to face three other players, and a 1-on-1 online mode where you team up with two AI pilots to face one player and two AI pilots, RIGS Mechanized Combat League will include an offline single-player Career Mode.

As Guerrilla Games’ Samrat Sharma explains, Career Mode sees you and your team of AI pilots rising through the leagues as you defeat other teams and unlock new pilots and Rigs (24 in total, each with their own style of play). Also, by doing well in your matches, you’ll earn sponsorship deals, liveries, and pilot ouftits.

If you do decide to jump online, you can have a friendly match against someone from your Friends list, or battle it out against a randomly selected opponent in an exhibition match. Additionally, as explained in the above video, everything you earn in multiplayer and single-player can be used to buy things.

By pre-ordering RIGS ahead of launch on October 13 for PlayStation VR, you’ll receive a set of exclusive Guerrilla-themed outfits including helmet, uniform, and visor graphics. This offer applies to both the physical and digital versions, but the digital version isn’t available on the North American PlayStation Store yet.

Although you’ll need a PlayStation VR headset to play RIGS, PlayStation Move controllers aren’t required, as it supports the DualShock 4.

[Source: PS Blog]