Play Overwatch for Free From September 9 to 12 on PS4 & Xbox One

From September 9 at 11am PT/2pm ET to September 12 at 4pm PT/7pm ET, Blizzard will be hosting an Overwatch Free Weekend on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This will allow anyone to play on all 13 maps with all 22 heroes in a variety of modes, though Competitive Play won’t be available during the weekend. PlayStation Plus isn’t required on PS4, but Xbox Live Gold is required on Xbox One.

According to the FAQ, the Free Weekend client will be a 9GB download on PS4 and a 15GB download on Xbox One when it goes up on September 9. All of your progression from the Free Weekend – including levels, skins, and other items from Loot Boxes – will transfer over to the full game if you decide to purchase it, as long as you use the same PSN/XBL account. As a reminder, a PS+ membership is required for the full game on PS4.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Free Weekend:

Q. What game content will be available during the Free Weekend?

A. During the Free Weekend, players will have access to Overwatch’s full roster of heroes, maps, and a selection of features—including Quick Play, Custom Games, Loot Boxes, and Weekly Brawls.

Q. What different play modes are available in Overwatch during the Free Weekend?

A. There are a variety of ways to play Overwatch during the Free Weekend!

  • Quick Play: Jump into a game against other players of similar skill.
  • Play vs. AI: Hone your skills against a team of AI-controlled heroes.
  • Custom Game: Customize the rules and play a game with your friends or AI.
  • Weekly Brawl: Change things up with brawls featuring different rules sets and restrictions.

Players can also learn the ropes in a series of training modes: Tutorial, Practice Range, and Practice vs. AI.

Q. What languages are supported during Free Weekend?

A. The Free Weekend will be supported by 10 languages across both platforms: English, French, German, Castilian Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese.

Free Weekend players won’t be able to earn Trophies or achievements, as Blizzard will disable them.

No maintenance or downtime is currently planned for the Free Weekend.

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