Red Dead Redemption Remaster Reportedly Coming to PS4

Korean outlet Gamefocus reports that Rockstar Games is on the verge of unveiling a remaster of Red Dead Redemption for release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, possibly marking the first time that the studio’s adorned Western would trot onto the latter platform. 

The report, as relayed by NeoGAF, goes on to claim that the HD re-release will be unveiled alongside a new model of PS4 — either the Slim or Neo, or both — when Sony hosts its PlayStation meeting in New York City come Wednesday, September 7. Couple this tidbit with the seemingly relentless speculation regarding a bona fide sequel and it would appear some form of Red Dead announcement, however small, is right around the corner. 

Sony will stage its PlayStation meeting on Wednesday, September 7. Details pertaining to the livestream will likely be shared at some stage tomorrow. 

We will, of course, be bringing you all the news as it breaks right here on PlayStation LifeStyle but for now, let us know your initial thoughts on this purported Red Dead Redemption remaster. 

[Source: Gamefocus via NeoGAF]