PSN Down and Currently Undergoing Unplanned Maintenance (Update)

Update (10:48 p.m. ET): According to the PSN status page, “All services are up and running.” Hopefully that remains the case for the foreseeable future. We’ll keep you updated if it’s down again or if there are any new developments.

Original Story: Can’t log in to PSN right this moment? Yep, it seems PSN is down once again, which is unfortunate since it happened less than a week ago. Checking your PlayStation 4’s internet connection settings will get you a WS-37432-9 or NP-35000-8 error codes, which, you guessed it, stands for maintenance.

Checking the official PSN status page and it mentions that “Some services are experiencing issues,” with the official Ask PlayStation Twitter account also acknowledging the PSN down situation.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a widespread issue and not just affecting any particular region, with people on the PS4 subreddit confirming that it’s also down in EU. 

Hopefully, this isn’t an attack once again and will be resolved soon. It’s just a little untimely given that Sony is set to announce the PS4 Neo tomorrow at its PlayStation Meeting event, and of course, the fact that PlayStation Plus subscriptions are hiking prices this month doesn’t help, either.

If PSN is working for you, leave a comment below and tell us where you’re from. We’ll be updating this post once further developments unfold.

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