PSN Down Due to Unexpected Maintenance (Update)

Update #2 (9/6/2016): If Google or other search engines are routing you to this post, you might want to check this one instead. We’ll keep you informed once PSN services are back up.

Update (10:03 p.m. ET): According to the PSN status page, “All services are up and running.” Well, let’s hope so. We’ll keep you updated if it’s down again or if there are any new developments.

Original Story: Want to play the Battlefield 1 beta? Or heck, maybe you just want to browse the PlayStation Store right now? Well, you can’t, as it seems the PlayStation Network is down for everyone in the entire world.

When logging in, you’ll be greeted with error code CE-34861-2, which doesn’t pertain to PSN  being down and out,  or under maintenance, but it’s exactly what it is. Checking the official PSN status page, it states that “Some services are experiencing issues.”  While the official AskPlayStation Twitter account confirms that users are having issues logging in.

Over on Reddit, Users from all over the world are complaining about PSN being down, but also outraged at the fact that it might be the cause of hacker groups once again. 

Unfortunately for Sony, this latest PSN downtime comes at exactly the same month when it’s PlayStation Plus subscription rates are set to increase, which obviously adds fuel to the flame. Once we hear more or have confirmation that it’s back up, we’ll let you know.

Is PSN down for you? Let us know where you are and whether it’s working in the comments below. (Thanks for alerting me, NekoNiv!)

[Source: PS4 Subreddit, AskPlayStation (Twitter)]

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