Bethesda Has Enough Going on Next Year That an E3 2017 Showcase Will Probably Happen, Says Hines

In a newly published interview with Metro, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing, was asked if they’d hold another press conference at E3 2017 next year. According to him, their lineup next year is big enough that a showcase will probably happen:

[…] given what I know about what we’re gonna have going on next year, and what we’re gonna have to talk about, I would say that we’d probably have enough stuff to fill the time. And again, mostly because I really continue to like the idea of being able to talk to everybody about what we’re doing at the same time. So yeah, knowing what I know, I think we would probably do another one next year.

MachineGames, who made the recent Wolfenstein games, is likely working on Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, which was teased at E3 2016. When the developer was brought up in the interview, Hines was asked what they’re working on. “I don’t know, you’ll have to wait and see,” he replied with a laugh.

The talk also turned to Fallout 4, which has “done absolutely fantastic” for Bethesda in terms of sales, and they’re “very pleased” with it. As for PlayStation 4 mod support, which still hasn’t come out, Hines said, “All I can say is that it is undergoing an evaluation process and as soon as it’s done, and we have more info, we’re gonna let everyone know.” When Metro suggested this means the issue’s on Sony’s end, Hines added with a laugh:

We haven’t said. It’s definitely not that we’ve decided not to do it, we absolutely, positively want to get PS4 mods out as fast as humanely possible.

Near the end of the interview, Hines was asked if they’d work with an external developer again on a new Fallout or another franchise. “Well, we’re working with an external developer on Quake,” he replied. “That’s a pretty big, important franchise for us.” When Fallout: New Vegas was brought up, and whether they’d do something like that with another developer again, Hines said with a slight grin, “I don’t know. We’ll have to see.”

What do you hope to see from Bethesda in 2017?

[Source: Metro via WCCFTech]