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PlayStation Meeting – Watch the PS4 Neo Reveal Livestream Now!

It’s almost upon us! After months of teases and leaks, Sony’s PlayStation Meeting starts in just a few minutes (12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET). While we already know that the PS4 Slim will be mentioned in some capacity, let’s face it, we’re all tuning in to see Sony finally announce the PS4 Neo; it’s price, release date and according to Sony, “a number” of announcements.

While PlayStation LifeStyle has someone at the event in New York, I gather a ton of our readers (and even us) can’t just drop everything and go to the press conference. Thankfully, you can watch the PS4 Neo reveal livestream right here! Yep, not only will you be able to see everything unfold live, you can even interact with other PlayStation LifeStyle readers as well — and of course, the staff, too!

What are you expecting to see announced? Are you already set on buying a PS4 Neo? If not, what would it take to convince you? Be sure to keep checking back here regularly on PlayStation LifeStyle since we’ll be working round the clock to provide the best, unbiased PlayStation coverage possible.

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