Sucker Punch and Sony Bend Reveal Why They’re Excited About PS4 Pro HDR

Following the PlayStation 4 Pro’s reveal, Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games made no secret of their excitement about high dynamic range (HDR). They’re now joined by developers from Sucker Punch and Sony Bend who reveal why they’re just as pumped about the technology. Speaking to Polygon, the inFamous studio’s art tech lead, Jason Connell, said that HDR is “pretty big” and explained why Second Son and First Light were developed with an “almost full HDR pipeline.”

I worked on the lighting and I’m very, very sensitive to it. This is a game about superheroes with neon lights, wet streets and reflections. I’m shooting laser bullets out of my hands. Why wouldn’t I want HDR?

Sony Bend’s Graham Aldridge added with reference to Days Gone‘s day and night cycle that HDR can help the studio “properly represent those brightnesses.” “We think it looks absolutely fantastic. The details are dramatic,” he said.

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[Source: Polygon]