Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay Video Blowout – First Mission and New Strikes

With Bungie releasing Destiny: Rise of Iron and kicking of the third year of Destiny in about a week, they opened their studio to us last week to come in, play some of the new content, and capture footage of what we saw. I will also be posting my impressions of this content, but if you’d just prefer to get the gameplay instead of reading my rambling, you’ve come to the right place. 

Today we’re releasing the entirety of the first mission. Keep in mind it doesn’t include Rise of Iron’s opening cinematic or the cutscene that closes out the mission (or obviously any of the mission details that follow). I’m specifically avoiding using any adjectives to describe said moments in game because this is not a review, and any such descriptors of those would be breaking embargo. Just know that good or bad, I can’t wait to talk about them.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – King of the Mountain Mission

First up is Rise of Iron’s opening mission. Called “King of the Mountain” (and clocking in at a suggested light level of 280), this mission has Saladin tasking players with taking back Felwinter Peak, including a gondola ride and all new snowy weather effects courtesy of dropping the last generation of consoles. 

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – The Devil’s Lair Remaster- Sepiks Perfected

Next up it’s back to the first boss that many beta Destiny players will remember from more than two years ago. We thought Sepiks Prime was dead, but he was just waiting to become more powerful than we have ever seen him. 

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – The Wretched Eye Strike

Rise of Iron comes with one completely new strike called “The Wretched Eye,” in which a Fallen is using an ogre’s eye as a gun, and the ogre itself as a bouncer of sorts. 

Stay tuned all this week as we keep bringing you impressions and Destiny: Rise of Iron gameplay.