Farming Simulator 17 Will Still Support PS4 Mods, Dev Confirms

It appears as though Sony’s decision not to allow console mods on PlayStation 4 only affects Bethesda titles, as Giants Software has confirmed that Farming Simulator 17 will still support PS4 mods at launch:

Back when console mods were announced for Farming Simulator 17, Giants Software said, “All the players will be able to download content created by the passionate community of Farming Simulator players, including vehicles, animals, scenery elements and much more, opening up the possibilities of an ever-evolving Farming Simulator 17 experience.”

In their latest dev blog, Giants talked about trains in Farming Simulator 17, which allow you to transport large amounts of produce across the map:

Goldcrest Railway

The train is available just like any other vehicle, although it will not cost you a maintenance fee. In the North American Goldcrest Valley map, there are two train lines that you can make use of. Trains can be driven manually on these tracks, both forwards and backwards.

It’s also possible to switch crops and wood produce from one train to another at the station. For example, you might want to transport wood from across one half of the map, then transfer it over to another train that goes to the selling point – either Stanton Sawmill or, if you’re selling crops, Maplefield Mill. The trains are fitted with tension belts, ensuring your precious wood doesn’t fall off!

You can also use trains for storage of your grown crops. Crops that can’t be stored in other silos (e.g. Potatoes and Sugar Beet) can be stored in the train silo.

You can learn more about trains over here.

Farming Simulator 17 launches on October 25 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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