NBA 2K17 Player Ratings Listed, Adds Footie Star Thierry Henry in Blacktop Mode

If you’re a basketball video game fan, then chances are you’re highly interested in NBA 2K17. While most people already know what to expect from this year’s iteration, one major point of interest to many (including me) is who this year’s top rated NBA players is. While it was Golden State Warriors guard who took top honors last year, the mantle is now back to Lebron Games in NBA 2K17,

Check out the gallery below for the NBA 2K17 player ratings list for the superstars. Curry dropped a few points but is second to Lebron, while Durant is a close third. Overall, the Golden State Warriors is the highest rated team in NBA 2K franchise history given the club’s off-season signing of former MVP, Kevin Durant.

In other NBA 2K17 news, football legend Thierry Henry will be making his video game basketball debut (yes, you read that right) in NBA2K17. Henry will appear as a “regular court side star during home games of the San Antonio Spurs.” Additionally, Henry will be playable in NBA 2K17′s Blacktop mode as well.

Finally, the official NBA 2K Facebook page announced that the game has gone gold this weekend, which means it’s right on schedule for its September 20 release.

Don’t forget, NBA 2K17’sThe Prelude” demo is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One. 

Anyone surprised at the NBA 2K17 player ratings changes? Or is it just right?

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