PSN Maintenance Scheduled for September 18, 2016

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, the PlayStation Network will be undergoing one hour of planned maintenance, Sony has revealed. According to the PSN Status page, the maintenance will begin at 9:30pm PT and run until 10:30pm PT (check your local time).

With the PlayStation 4 listed as the only affected platform, Sony says anyone who already has a PSN account can still sign in to their PSN profile, play games, and use most applications while the maintenance is happening. However, you won’t be able to access Account Management, PlayStation Video, or the PlayStation Store during the maintenance. If you haven’t activated your PS4 as your Primary PS4 yet, Sony recommends you do so.

In other PlayStation news, Sony will release a PS4 system update this week that adds HDR (high dynamic range) capability. They didn’t say the version number, but it will likely be 4.00.

Also, don’t forget that the price of a PlayStation Plus subscription is rising on September 22.

[Source: PSN Status]