7 Days to Die Update 1.05 Today on PS4 & Xbox One Fixes the Ladder Issue


Following last week’s update, many 7 Days to Die players experienced a glitch where climbing a ladder would result in a sudden drop in hunger and thirst stats. With 7 Days to Die update 1.05, which is out today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developer The Fun Pimps has fixed the ladder issue, along with some other bugs, as you can see in the patch notes:

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where climbing a ladder up or down through a hatch would cause a sudden drop in hunger and thirst stats
  • Fixed an issue where the prompt to interact with certain hatches and doors would not appear even though the objects themselves were still interactable
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when the player not standing on solid ground such as while was loading into a world, respawning, or falling off an edge
  • Improved consistency of D-Pad shortcuts to prevent accidental dropping and scrapping of items
  • Fixed an issue where the “Assemble” button shortcut was no longer appearing
  • Fixed an issue where the “Recipe” D-Pad shortcut for some consumable items was no longer appearing

If you’re planning on playing 7 Days to Die today, don’t forget that PS4 system update 4.00 is now live.

After finishing in 2nd on the PS4’s PlayStation Store chart in July, 7 Days to Die finished in 11th in August.

Have you noticed any other changes with today’s patch?

[Source: 7 Days to Die]