New Dragon Quest Builders Trailer Reveals There Are Three Reasons to Build

Square Enix clearly realizes that the latest Dragon Quest spin-off is a bit of a departure for the famous JRPG series, as they’ve released a brand new Dragon Quest Builders trailer that is just meant to explain what exactly the game is. It’s releasing at a good time, too, as the PlayStation 4 and Vita title is set to come out in North America in less than a month from now on October 11. This video goes a bit deeper than the initial sales pitch, which essentially has been that Dragon Quest and Minecraft met in a bar, mistakes were made, and this is what came out nine months later. 

The four minute video emphasizes that there are three different reasons for players to build in the game: for fun, for adventure, and to save the world. Square Enix describes the game as an “open-world sandbox role-playing game” and that’s certainly accurate. The game’s setting is in Alefgard, where 1986’s Dragon Quest took place, and has the player needing to reclaim the land in order to defeat the “ruler of all monsters” named Dragonlord.

The Dragon Quest Builders trailer also shows off the wide variety of locales that can be found in Alefgard ranging from icy tundras to dangerous mines. Players can also help out villagers and complete quests in order to gain rewards. So, it seems to have a lot more structure to it than other survival crafting games.

There’s plenty of other information packed away in the entertaining video, so check it out above if you’re interested in picking up Dragon Quest Builders. It’s a really good primer for the anticipated title, which is set to release October 11 on PlayStation 4 and Vita. A European release is just a few days afterwards, taking place October 14.

Let me know in the comments below if you’re looking forward to Dragon Quest Builders, and if this video helped you decide whether or not you’ll be buying it.