Capcom’s Future Development Plans Include More HD Remastered Games

Capcom has published their annual Development Report for 2016, which contains their future plans for development. Aside from Capcom really wanting to capitalize on their Monster Hunter franchise, particularly for the mobile platform, they also want to capitalize upon remastering past game successes. As they mentioned in their report from sales over the last year, they had rather strong sales with their Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster. It’s only natural that they want to tap back into that potential money train, as they have attempted to do with the recent release of the remastered Dead Rising.

Efforts within (1) include expanding unit sales by strategically releasing full-game and add-on contents. Also, we will utilize one of our existing intellectual properties to proactively release HD remastered versions of previous titles for download sales in an attempt to create sales opportunities and increase the digital download sales ratio. In terms of (2), we will promote compatibility with multiple platforms and release a new title within an existing popular series every 2.5 years based on our 60-month map title portfolio.

Also in that statement they suggest they will work with the upcoming upgraded consoles, including the PS4 Pro. Perhaps Capcom will also release upgrades to their games already released on the PS4 to support the PS4 Pro’s features.

What other Capcom games would you like to see remastered for the PS4? They’re obviously going to do it, so might as well embrace it and give them suggestions. You can read Capcom’s full development report here.

[Sources: Capcom via Techraptor]