Red Dead Revolver for PS4 Won’t Include a Platinum Trophy

When Red Dead Revolver for PlayStation 4 popped up on the PlayStation Store in Australia earlier this week, it carried a $22.95 price tag, which typically equates to $14.99 USD/£11.99. Despite this higher price point for the PS2 game on PS4, Red Dead Revolver won’t include a Platinum Trophy.

As Exophase reveals, Red Dead Revolver includes 13 Trophies in total, with the one Gold Trophy asking you to beat the game on Very Hard difficulty:

  • Red Dead Eye (Bronze) – Complete a chapter with 100% accuracy.
  • Quick On The Draw (Bronze) – Win a duel in Story mode.
  • Full Boat (Bronze) – Get a Full House in Showdown with Hold ‘Em power ups.
  • Hats Off (Bronze) – Get six fatal headshots in six consecutive shots with a pistol in Story mode.
  • Gunslinger (Bronze) – Get a combo for over $500 in Story mode on any difficulty.
  • Untouchable (Bronze) – Complete any chapter on Very Hard without taking damage.
  • Historical Account (Bronze) – Complete the Journal.
  • Well Provisioned (Bronze) – Unlock all additional content available for purchase in the Shop.
  • Out For Blood (Bronze) – Complete every chapter in Bounty Hunter mode.
  • Peashooter (Bronze) – Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
  • Manny Quinn (Bronze) – Complete a chapter in Red Wood Revolver mode.
  • Six Shooter (Silver) – Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
  • Sharp Shooter (Gold) – Complete the game on Very Hard difficulty.

We still don’t know when Red Dead Revolver will officially release on PS4, but when it does, we’ll let you know.

Another PS2 game that could be coming soon to PS4 is Destroy All Humans!, which was recently rated by PEGI.

[Source: Exophase]