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Red Dead Was Once a Capcom Project That Resembled ‘Really Bad Japanese Action Games’

Before Red Dead, there was SWAT.

New Red Dead Teased Via Rockstar’s Twitter

They know exactly what they’re doing with this red thing.

Red Dead Revolver Officially Released for PS4 in North America & Europe

Looks like Ape Escape 3 is coming to PS4.

Red Dead Revolver for PS4 Won’t Include a Platinum Trophy

Still no official PS4 release date for the PS2 title.

Red Dead Revolver Released for PS4 in Australia (Update 2)

Another PS2 game comes to PS4.

6 Different Rockstar PS2 Classics Rated by the ESRB, Including GTA: Vice City Stories, Bully (Update: 3 Out Now)

See where the Red Dead franchise began as well.