6 Different Rockstar PS2 Classics Rated by the ESRB, Including GTA: Vice City Stories, Bully (Update: 3 Out Now)

Update: Today’s PlayStation Store Update saw Red Dead Revolver, Bully, and Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix all release for $9.99.


Original Story: Following the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PSN last week for $14.99, it looks as though Rockstar will be bringing more of their PS2 catalog to the PS3 in the near future.

The ESRB has rated Bully, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Midnight Club, Midnight Club 2, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix, and Red Dead Revolver all for the PlayStation 3, which points towards a PSN release for all three titles soon.

While all of these games could take a little bit to eventually come out (Vice City was re-rated almost two months ago and still hasn’t come out), we at least know they are on the way and we’ll be able to download them at some point. As for pricing, we can really only hope that Rockstar goes back to the standard PS2 Classic pricing of $9.99, as opposed to that $14.99 for San Andreas.

What do you think about these games coming to PS3? Will you be getting any of them? Let us know in the comments below.