New Red Dead Teased Via Rockstar’s Twitter

Minutes ago, Rockstar Games tweeted an image of its logo with an all-red background. This may seem harmless to fans of primary colors who simply have no love for yellow or blue, but you and I recognize this as a tease for something related to its popular Red Dead series.

Here’s the tweet:


Wait, no, that’s the Persona 5 logo. Guys I gotta be honest, I uploaded the first red image I saw from my hard drive. Hang on, here we go:


Would ya… for crying out loud, I am sorry, I’m just awful at internet today. For real, no more sucking at details:


We’ve long assumed — or in some cases, known but are under contract to pretend not to know — that more Red Dead is on the way, but this social media tease makes it look like Rockstar might soon be ready to announce something officially. The company’s Twitter background image and other imagery on its website have taken on the same look.

What are your hopes for the next taste of Rockstar-brand cowboy action? Are we looking at Red Dead Redemption 2 or a different game in the series?