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PS Plus Premium Might Be Getting a Rockstar Games Classic, Leak Suggests

PS Plus Premium might just be getting a beloved Rockstar Games classic sometime in 2024, if a datamined string is anything to go by. A fan ploughing through Red Dead Redemption‘s website found a string which mentioned RDR1 for PS Plus Premium and Xbox Game Pass.

Which version of RDR1 could be joining 2024’s PS Plus Premium games lineup?

The aforementioned string was found by Reddit user Timtendo12, who also provided a screenshot. However, there’s speculation that this string might be a placeholder. Regardless, there’s some confusion over which version of RDR1 could be headed to PS Plus Premium.

Rockstar re-released RDR1 for the PS4 in August 2023 — which came with the Undead Nightmare DLC — for a hefty price tag of $50. The move resulted in backlash because the release was seen as a straight port of the PS3 game rather than a full-fledged remaster. Worth noting that RDR1 was unavailable to PS4 and PS5 players up until last year because of lack of backwards compatibility with the PS3. Meanwhile, Xbox players continued to enjoy access to the classic.

If this leak is correct, it’s possible that the PS4 port will land on PS Plus Premium, like PS4’s The Last of Us Remastered did at one point. It’s also possible that the original will become available via PS Plus Premium’s PS3 streaming support.