Four-Player Battlezone Co-Op Confirmed for PSVR Launch Title

Rebellion has announced today that PSVR launch title, Battlezone, will indeed have co-op play for up to four players. They’ve demonstrated how the Battlezone co-op play will work in the above trailer, which also serves as a bit of a 101 for the game. If you were curious about the gameplay for this title, especially since it now has co-op, the trailer shows off plenty of its strategic gameplay as well.

Rebellion PR Manager Robbie Cooke explained on the PlayStation Blog their decision on allowing co-op play.

Early on in the development of Battlezone there was one important question we had to ask ourselves: what’s better than piloting the most powerful tank in the galaxy?

The answer of course was blindingly obvious: piloting the most powerful tank in the galaxy right next to your friends… who are also piloting the most powerful tanks in the galaxy!

Battlezone is a first-person shooter experience from behind the wheel of a tank. The PSVR component makes it all the more realistic, naturally. If you’re going to submerge yourself into a realistic VR experience, then why not while driving a tank? Okay, so it’s no Battlefield with the realism, but the tank driving still looks quite fun, not to mention crazy.

Battlezone releases on October 13, 2016 exclusively for PlayStation VR.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]