RIGS Mechanized Combat League Gameplay Videos Introduce the Different Classes

If you’re looking to get a PlayStation VR next month, then chances are you’ve given Guerilla Games Cambridge’s RIGS Mechanized Combat League PSVR launch title a look. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s a game where you control mechs via VR and you get to kick some ass while doing so.

With the launch just a few weeks away, Guerilla is slowly lifting the lid on RIGS, and it’s done so now by showcasing some snazzy RIGS Mechanized Combat League gameplay with the introduction of its mech classes. Check the vid above to see some of the different classes available in the game.

Additionally, Guerilla has shared some more in-depth data regarding the classes and new trailers, too.


-Height: 6 Meters

-Top Speed: 49 Mph

-Max Melee: 4000 Damage

-Jump: Slam — charge to gain extra height. A fully charged jump will cause a slam effect on landing, damaging, and disorientating opponents.


-Height: 3.4 Meters

-Top Speed: 59 Mph

-Max Melee: 3600 Damage

-Jump: Basic — Equipped with basic jump ability.


-Height: 5.5 Meters

-Top Speed: 51 Mph

-Max Melee: 3600 Damage

-Jump: Double Jump — Once in mid-air, the Mirage can boost jump a second time.


-Height: 2.5 Meters

-Top Speed: 46 Mph

-Max Melee: 3600 Damage

-Jump: Vertical Take Off — Hold to boost up into air and hover.

Pilots of Rough Justice go into battle with the knowledge that they can cancel any other player’s overdrive with a swipe of their melee attack.

Pilots of Nine Lives are some of the most ferocious around, with the Vampire ability allowing them to completely restore their shield upon taking down another player.

A demo of RIGS is one of the 18 games included in the PSVR demo disc that will come with the headset at launch this October 13.

Are you excited to try a new sport that involves mechs and VR? Or are you looking forward to horror games and more non-traditional experiences?

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]