RIGS Update 1.05 Adds Quick Match, December Update Will Bring New Rigs

In December, Guerrilla Games will release a new update for RIGS Mechanized Combat League (our review) that adds new APX Rigs, the Zurich arena, a new Weekly Trials series, and new items for the Customization Store.

“At Guerrilla Cambridge we try to listen to all player feedback, whether it’s compliments or criticism,” Community Manager Jeroen Roding said. “We’ve received a lot of love and several helpful suggestions from the community over the last few weeks, and we’ve been busy investigating ways to enhance your RIGS Mechanized Combat League experience further in our ongoing post-launch support.”


After saying post-launch support is an important part of their plan for RIGS, Roding revealed some of the highlights in the upcoming December update:

  • New APX Rigs – Faster and more agile than the standard chassis types, APX Rigs will have a lower armor rating to ensure that they don’t have an unfair advantage over the standard models. We anticipate that the APX Rigs will quickly become fan favorites for seasoned players.
  • New Zurich Arena – Introducing the first European arena on the global Rigs circuit! This Arena is an extension of the Rigs HQ Complex, and offers a balanced layout with a clear overview for the Tempest class and plenty of tunnels for the Hunter class. Skillful use of shields will prove essential when trying to reach the goal during a PowerSlam match. Zurich will make a first appearance at PlayStation Experience this year, for those of you who will be attending the show will have a chance to be one of the first to play in this Arena.
  • New Weekly Trials Series – Every week we’ll be presenting players with a series of trials to compete in. Successful completion is rewarded with in-game credits, fame, and exclusive customization items.
  • Customization Store & Items – Players will be able to use earned in-game credits to purchase brand-new customization items and victory celebrations for their Rigs pilot at the Customization Store.

Asked about micro-transactions possibly coming to the Customization Store, Roding said, “We currently have no plans of introducing micro-transactions.”

If you’ve played RIGS recently, you may have noticed that update 1.05 is now available, adding two new features: Tutorial Checkpoint and Quick Match. Tutorial Checkpoint adds checkpoints to the tutorial, while Quick Match fulfills a request from the community:

Quick Match will replace the individual Division game options and will allow you to jump into a game of Endzone, Team Takedown or PowerSlam. After finishing a match, the game mode will rotate. In Private and 1v1 matches you will still have the option to select one of the three modes.

Expect more details on the RIGS December update soon.

[Source: PS Blog, Reddit]