RIGS DLC Support Comes to an End, Servers to Remain Online

Following the announcement of the closure of developer Guerrilla Cambridge last week, Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer that DLC support for RIGS Mechanized Combat League is over, but the servers will remain online:

For players of RIGS Mechanized Combat League, we would seek to reassure you that the online service is not affected by this closure, but unfortunately it will mean that there will be no further DLC for Rigs. We shall also continue to provide community support.

A similar message was relayed on the RIGS Discord by community manager Jeroen Roding.

Back in November, Guerrilla Games said, “Post-launch support is an important part of our RIGS Mechanized Combat League plan, and we’re excited to announce that in December we’ll be releasing our first free update!” The December Update brought the new Zurich Arena, APX RIGS, and more.

RIGS released on October 13 as a PlayStation VR launch title.

[Source: Eurogamer, Reddit, PlayStation Blog]