WWE 2K17 MyCareer Trailer Reveals What to Expect When You Turn Pro

Ever wanted to be a professional wrestler? Cheered on by fans (or booed to no end if you’re a heel), get to do death-defying stunts and just be a bad-ass? If the answer to those questions is a big resounding yes, then WWE 2K17’s MyCareer mode might just help you turn your fantasy into reality — minus the hours of weightlifting and wrestling training.

2K has released the WWE 2K17 MyCareer trailer, and the new stuff game vets will get to experience once the game taps out this October 11 on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Jump ahead to the main roster if you’re good enough

In past MyCareer iterations (and in real life), new WWE Superstars start off at the WWE Performance Center, debut on NXT, and work their way up to a spot on Raw or SmackDown. Now, if you prove your exceptional skills in the opening tutorial matches in NXT, head trainer Matt Bloom will offer to fast track you to the main roster. If you need work, he’ll recommend you remain in NXT and develop further.

Become a Paul Heyman guy

As you rise through the ranks of WWE, the legendary Paul Heyman will take notice and attempt to take you under his wing. He’ll offer long term challenges like holding a title for an in-game year with the promise of a big payout. Impress him enough and he may bestow one of WWE’s biggest honors – becoming a Paul Heyman guy. Accept and you’ll have The Beast Brock Lesnar on your side along with Heyman’s incomparable crooked ringside manager skills. Refuse and Heyman will release The Beast on your ass.

Captivate the fans with the new Promo Engine

Anyone who’s watched even 10 minutes of WWE programming knows that talking and charisma are just as important as in-ring skills. With the debut of the Promo Engine in WWE 2K17, players will be able to experience this vital aspect of sports entertainment in a whole new way. Promos can be slotted into various segments of the show so you can decide the best time to talk about how great you are or call out a rival. Once your promo begins, you’ll have several talking points to choose from and a limited time to decide. As you make choices throughout your promo, a performance meter will show how effective your words are with the audience. Whether it’s rapturous cheers or thunderous boos, the more extreme the reaction you incite the better, boosting your face or heel rating, popularity, and bank account.

Engage in deeper rivalries

The Promo Engine allows you to take rivalries deeper than ever before. Call out anyone on the roster in your promo and if their displeasure with you is high enough they’ll come out and respond to the challenge. Escalate the feud enough and they’ll beat you down during backstage interviews, attack you mid-entrance, ruin your match in progress, or beat you down after a match with someone else. Of course, you can repay your rival with all of these tools as well. Rivalries now span multiple months of pay-per-views and have a definitive winner and loser. Beating your rival in the ring and on the mic will provide boosts to VC and popularity.

Earn more than one title

Winning a WWE championship is one of the greatest achievements you can accomplish in the business. But why stop with just one? Players can now hold two titles at the same time if they’ve got the skills.

Get a piece of the merch royalties

For the first time in MyCareer, players can make VC off of their merchandise. Design a shirt and wear it on a show as entrance or in-ring gear and fans will buy it based off of your popularity rating and skills in the ring and on the mic. This provides an alternate income stream if you decide to defy The Authority’s commands for a match that may involve unpopular actions and losing. You can play your way and still earn VC without feeling the sting of lost bonuses from Triple H.

Players will be able to cut their own promos? Color me intrigued, then. Will players be able to cut a promo as awesome as The Rock did way back in the ’90s? That remains to be seen, but hey, at least you’re getting the chance, right?

[Source: WWE2K]