DayZ PS4 & Xbox One Versions Might Begin Proper Development in Early 2017

Announced over two years ago for PlayStation 4 – with a prototype up and running internally as of at least June 2016 – zombie survival game DayZ for consoles isn’t dead, Creative Director Brian Hicks tells Eurogamer, but only 1% of the team’s resources are being put towards it right now:

The PC is our flagship platform for DayZ. That is where 99% of our development resources are focused. And while there was a lot of push from Sony and Microsoft to get up on their stages and say ‘yes, we’re coming’, our focus has been exclusively (I want to say exclusively because there’s about a 1% development resource trying to keep those platforms at a point at which, once we get to our beta and our bug fixing, we can start pushing forward on that) on the PC. We can’t really move DayZ over to these platforms, at least on a playable level for consumers, until the base engine, Enfusion, is complete. Or if not complete, feature-complete so to speak – the core tech is there.

Once the PC version of DayZ gets to that point they’re comfortable with, Bohemia Interactive “can start dedicating a little resources into catching up those [console] platforms then we’ll look at doing some announcements and talk about the Xbox Game Preview program, which is what I would imagine is the first place we’ll get to since Sony doesn’t have something similar.”

If everything goes well, Hicks expects DayZ console development to properly begin in early 2017.

When do you think we’ll see DayZ on PS4?

[Source: Eurogamer, Bohemia Interactive]