Attrition Mode Confirmed for Titanfall 2, See It in Action

Heavily hinting at it in an interview with us, Respawn officially announced today that Attrition mode is returning in Titanfall 2. Here’s the confirmation from Respawn’s Community Manager:

Hi Reddit friends,

I write this post to you because I know a lot of you have seen my #BePatient comments and dislike it or find it to mean I’m trolling. I do it out of love (sometimes it’s borderline trolling lol) I rather you be angry than feel like we don’t see your complaints and begin to run with random stories lol. So I’m here to tell you that I’m ending my #BePatient campaign! Going forward I’m going to use #WeDidITReddit

P.S – Attrition is in Titanfall 2. #WeDidITReddit

In Attrition mode, you’ll face off in 6v6 matches, killing AI bots and other players to earn points (AI bots are worth less points). While the first Titanfall’s Attrition mode went to 300 points, Titanfall 2’s goes to 400 points. To learn more about Attrition in Titanfall 2, check out the above new video from the PC version.

Respawn also brought out a new Pilots Gameplay Trailer today, which offers a sneak peek at something at the very end:

5 Pilots Are An Extension

What truly separates a Pilot from a grunt is the bond between Pilot and Titan. When linked to a Titan, a Pilot can only be stopped by an overwhelming force or an equal. Whether utilizing fire, laser, steel, lead or any other combination of force, Pilots take their full arsenal to the Frontier and Become One.

4. Pilots Are The Future

Relentless in battle, Pilots have been innovating on the Frontier for hundreds of years. Pilots don’t fear progress. Pilots don’t look to the past for comfort, they look to the future and forge their own path. With incredible technology at their fingertips, Pilots bring incredible innovation into battle and take the fight to new levels.

3. Pilots Are Smarter

Pilots see the world differently, they are resourceful in their domination of the Frontier. While soldiers and grunts see walls, Pilots see opportunity and multiple routes to crush their enemies. Due to overwhelming odds against their success, Pilots must remain calm and figure out the best way to leap into a situation. Smart Pilots know running in guns blazing won’t lead to success and neither will standing around waiting to be saved.

2 Pilots Get Tactical

Pilots fight differently, experienced in deception and maneuvering. Overwhelming odds shift in their favor via well timed tactical maneuvers. Whether using a grappling hook to get an advantage or a sonar pulse to detect an enemy, Pilots always find an edge on the Frontier.

1 Pilots Know How To Move

While Pilots appear graceful in their movement, their enemies respect them as devastating. Fast and agile, they utilize movement to get every advantage on the Frontier. By linking up with a Titan and using different tacticals to their benefit, Pilots reach new height on the Frontier in every battle.

As we get closer to Titanfall 2’s launch on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, expect the trailers and marketing to show the Xbox logo, as Microsoft has marketing rights.

[Source: Titanfall, Reddit, Aaron Greenberg]