Madden NFL 17 Tuning Update Rolls Out, Changes Listed

Over on the official EA Sports Madden NFL Facebook page, EA has announced that a “tuning” update for Madden NFL 17 has been rolled out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Curious what’s been changed? Check the list below, then.

  • Increased interception chances for user-controlled defenders in Multi-player catches
  • Reduced kick meter accuracy penalty under rain conditions.
  • Reduced kick meter power penalty under snow conditions.
  • Increased wait-time for Pass Rushers to play shed moves when pass rushing (Reduced “Insta-Sheds”)
  • A variety of tuning changes to help defense be more effective vs. running plays
  • Reduced frequency of organic knock-outs after catches
  • Reduced chances of broken tackles for ball carriers
  • Slightly reduced throw-out-of-sack fumble chances
  • Reduced chance for pass-blocking RB’s to Cut-Block
  • Reduce chance for success when pass-blocking RB’s Cut-Block

You can check out our review of the latest Madden game right here. And yes, it’s still selling like hot cakes as always.

[Source: Madden NFL (Facebook)]