Superbeat: Xonic Vita Publisher Thanks Pirates for Giving Game Attention, Offers Discount

It wasn’t that long ago that PlayStation Vita exploits enabled homebrew games/apps and pirated copies of games to run on the system. One of the games that has been pirated is the 2015 rhythm game Superbeat: Xonic (which we loved, by the way) and it’s North American publisher is totally fine with it. In fact, PM Studios decided to thank pirates for giving the game the attention it got, and sent them the following message (via Destructoid):

Hello everybody!

We feel honored that you enjoy our game SUPERBEAT XONiC so much, we would like to invite you to take this opportunity to purchase it on sale at the Playstation Store. You can enjoy the original game and show support to the team for just $15.99 (60% off), no Playstation Plus required!

Have a nice day!

PM Studios has ended up earning praise for the move and apparently, a lot of people are now considering purchasing the game. Way to go, guys!

Have our users tried Superbeat: Xonic?

[Source: Destructoid]