Superbeat xonic dlc

Superbeat XONiC Gets First DLC Songs, Bentley Jones Provides Some Beats

Superbeat XONiC for the PlayStation 4 has released its first set of DLC tracks today. This trio of songs features Neko-kun by Basiscape, Select, Start by Steven Silo, and Donut Island by Steven Silo. These tracks cost $1.99 a piece, or $4.99 for the whole set.

PM Studios also mentions that the Superbeat DLC tracks will be released in these biweekly trios until all 20 DLC songs have made it out. The second pack will feature Bentley Jones, with the tracks Talk 2 U, STUTTA 2.0 and Oh-Wei-Oh.

Bentley Jones released a short video involving his contribution to Superbeat XONiC:

PM Games also offers a bit of a bio on the composer:

The British singer, songwriter, and composer Bentley Jones is a big industry hit, breaking out as a remixer at the tender age of 17 he topped multiple club charts with his productions, expanding his skills into song-writing, arranging and composing Bentley began contributing scores to some of the world’s best known franchises like The X-Files, Tekken, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gradius and QQ Dance. He has single-handedly amassed over 24 million combined YouTube hits, and 6.2 million artist sales!

Check out our review of the Vita version of Superbeat XONiC for more information on the rhythm game:

The DJMax series was a huge favorite of rhythm game fans on both of Sony’s portable systems. Filled with quirky, experimental Korean DJ music and some off-the-wall colorful art, it quickly wormed its way into the hearts of beat junkies everywhere. Unfortunately, the crumbling of developer Pentavision left the future of the series in doubt last year, leaving many fans to believe the series had ended after only a decade. Of course, that’s where Superbeat: XONiC comes in. Crafted by Nurijoy, a development team made up of former Pentavision members, and billed as the “spiritual successor” to that franchise, it lives up to the offbeat reputation of its predecessors.

Will you be grabbing any of this DLC?