Dragon’s Dogma Online May Go West

Japan already has Dragon’s Dogma Online, the MMORPG based upon Dragon’s Dogma and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, but Capcom has never said if it would ever cross the Pacific to the West. Granted, they had their own problems with the incredibly shaky launch, but now that things have settled down, why haven’t they brought it over?

Capcom’s latest annual report has given a slight glimmer of hope that the game will one day cross the ocean. Game director Kento Kinoshita explained in the report how the team will improve the title for Season Two, the ideas already churning for Season Three, and the possibility of bringing the game overseas.

We released version 2.0 in June 2016 (the first stage of Season Two), but are moving ahead without a break to simultaneously create the Season Three framework. The world of online games spreads ever outward. Once we have established a solid foundation in Japan, I’d like to consider bringing this game overseas, where there are a great many online game players.

This day and age, even a mention of the consideration of the possibility of releasing a game in the West is rather promising.

Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Arisen were both niche titles with their own cult followings, but considering they were already MMORPG-esque, there is reason to believe that Dragon’s Dogma Online would do very well in North America as well as Europe.

[Source: WCCFTech]