First Homefront: The Revolution Story DLC, The Voice of Freedom, Now Available

The first of three planned single-player expansions for Homefront: The Revolution, The Voice of Freedom DLC is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, offering up new districts and “several hours” of content. If you don’t have the Expansion Pass, it costs $5.99 USD on its own.

A story-driven prologue to the main campaign, The Voice of Freedom sees you playing as Resistance leader Benjamin Walker as he tries to infiltrate Occupied Philadelphia and meet up with Jack Parish’s Resistance Cell. “This tense, story-driven prologue will test the player’s stealth and combat skills as they encounter a sinister and hostile faction in the subways of Philadelphia – the ‘90’,” the description adds.

The Voice of Freedom is a 6.6GB download.

On Friday, Resistance Mode will also get these new items: Urban Combat Outfit, Black and White mask, Gunshot Mask, and Cobweb Mask.

Next up for Homefront: The Revolution, Deep Silver Dambuster will release the Aftermath single-player DLC later this year, with the much larger Beyond the Walls single-player expansion in 2017.

If you haven’t played Homefront recently, a performance patch is available that improves frame-rate and stability.

[Source: PlayStation Store, Homefront-Game]