Styx: Shards of Darkness Delayed to Q1 2017, Eight Minutes of Gameplay Shown Off

Styx: Shards of Darkness will miss its planned 2016 release window, developer Cyanide Studio announced today. Instead, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC stealth title will now be available in Q1 2017.

Cyanide Studio CEO Patrick Pligersdorffer explained that the delay is due to switching their engine from Unreal 3 to Unreal 4 with the sequel:

With this new episode of Styx we updated our engine from Unreal 3 to Unreal 4. This update has brought so much to the Styx series, from graphical enhancements to new gameplay mechanics and features. The engine transition has required some time for our team to adapt to. We’re dedicated to providing the best stealth experience possible for players, so in agreement with our publisher Focus, we are delaying the game until the first quarter of 2017.

To see the improvements Cyanide has made from the previous game – including new enemies, new environments, new mechanics that offer unparalleled freedom of movement, a richer story with cinematics, and refined stealth and assassination mechanics – check out the above narrated gameplay video. During the eight minutes (played on PS4), you’ll see sneaking, climbing, swinging, and killing through the Port of Korrangar as Styx makes his way through a mission.

Here’s what else you can expect from Shards of Darkness:

In search for the Ambassador’s magical scepter stolen by a shape-shifting elf, Styx must infiltrate a diplomatic summit through clever use of the environment and new crafting abilities. A new feature, crafting, enables Styx to use more abilities, such as throwing a cocoon large distances enabling him to teleport into a newly hatched clone of himself.

The series’ lauded verticality returns, with many choices of routes and tactics to take throughout the level. Stick to the shadows on the ground, avoiding patrols, or turn to the walls and ceilings to sneak past or attack from above. Kill, or subvert; the choice is yours – just don’t be seen!

The leveling system returns expanded and enhanced. Using the magical power of Amber, Styx is able to turn himself invisible for a short period of time, and if you choose to upgrade this skill, it can even turn victims invisible while you go in for kills. By leveling up the assassination tree, Styx gets access to improved aerial kills, as well as the ability to kill an enemy from a barrel or box and stuff the body inside in a single, swift, move.

By pre-ordering Styx: Shards of Darkness, you’ll receive exclusive access to the Akenash set, letting you wear the outfit and dagger from Styx: Master of Shadows.