Hello Games Is Busy Working on the Next No Man’s Sky Update, Dev Says

It’s been a few weeks since Hello Games released update 1.09 for No Man’s Sky and, according to Audio Chief Paul Weir, the team is busy on the next patch:

Weir didn’t specify if the next patch will include more fixes, or if it will include other content, such as audio changes.

The official No Man’s Sky Twitter account has been silent for almost two months, the Hello Games Twitter account has tweeted twice in the last month, and there hasn’t been a development update on the official website since September 2. Asked why Hello Games has been so quiet about No Man’s Sky lately, Weir said public communication is all up to the studio and Sean Murray:

Geoff Keighley has been in touch with Murray recently, and it’s possible the Hello Games founder could appear on an episode of Live With YouTube Gaming this month to talk about No Man’s Sky.

[Source: Paul Weir (Twitter 1, 2) via Reddit]