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Geoff Keighley Opens Up About No Man’s Sky on Live Show, Says the Game is Unfinished and Repetitive

If you’ve been following No Man’s Sky, you’ll remember that the game was first revealed to the public during Geoff Keighley’s VGX Awards in December 2013. The game’s rocky release and post-release controversy has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the games industry this year, and Geoff Keighley himself finally opened up about it during his recently inaugurated live show with YouTube.

Keighley, who believes that a small studio shipping No Man’s Sky is a “stunning achievement,” revealed that he had several issues with the game during its development. At one point, Hello Games’ Sean Murray didn’t want to be around him much because Keighley was apparently “too negative” in his assessment of the game as the studio was under immense pressure.

“I felt like these guys had no idea where they were going to go but they had this huge amount of momentum,” Keighley said about No Man’s Sky‘s first showing in 2013. “I honestly resisted saying anything about this game for the better part of the last year because I’ve been internally conflicted about what I saw happening, and I’ve played a role in this.”

Keighley was quick to clarify that he doesn’t think No Man’s Sky is a bad game. He just feels that it’s “unfinished,” “repetitive,” and wasn’t worthy of the $60 price tag. He further said:

We all wanted to believe in No Man’s Sky and Sean did too – so much that he was never able to build up the gumption to rip off that band-aid and reveal what was and wasn’t in the game … maybe the platform we gave him to launch the game was too big and created this black hole that he couldn’t pull himself out of.

But no matter what, you have to be honest with your fans. You can’t lie. And Sean wanted to preserve the promise and mystery of the game so much, he started to disrespect his audience. Those of you who paid for it have every right to be disappointed if you felt misled.

That said, Keighley is in touch with Murray, who might appear in a future episode of the show.

You can hear Keighley’s remarks in full starting at the 1.47.48 mark in the video above.

Do our readers agree with him?

[Source: LIVE With YouTube Gaming via VG247]