Watch Live With YouTube Gaming Episode 1 Right Now for a PlayStation VR Unboxing

In the first episode of Geoff Keighley’s weekly talk show, Live With YouTube Gaming, he’ll be doing an unboxing of the PlayStation VR retail unit he received earlier this week. Additionally, the episode will include 10 minutes of Titanfall 2 campaign gameplay, eight minutes of non-lethal Dishonored 2 gameplay, Gears of War 4 gameplay, Troy Baker, and more.

The episode premieres at 5pm PT/8pm ET and should be re-watchable directly from the embed above if you miss it live.

Live With YouTube Gaming will have premieres every single week and, in his Reddit AMA, Keighley revealed that Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian, and Gravity Rush 2 coverage is being looked at for future episodes. “I think [The Last Guardian’s Fumito Ueda] is going to come on the show,” he added. “Was going to be next week but with the delay I think he’s still tinkering. Think you’ll see him on the show later in Oct or Nov.”

Looking ahead to The Game Awards on December 1, Keighley said, “It will be a great Game Awards this year. Really exciting stuff coming together for December 1st. A lot can change in 60 days, but good momentum so far for some amazing content and guests. ”

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