Pre-Ordering Dishonored 2 Lets You Play a Day Early, New Gameplay Video Released

Dishonored 2 is releasing worldwide on November 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but you can play it a day early on November 10 by pre-ordering, Bethesda announced today. Pre-ordering Dishonored 2 through retail stores or the PlayStation Store for a limited time also gets you a free copy of Dishonored Definitive Edition.

Bethesda also brought out an eight-minute gameplay video titled Kill the Grand Inventor. In the high chaos video, you’ll see Emily Kaldwin as she “navigates the grand inventor’s treacherous and intricate Clockwork Mansion using her supernatural abilities, weapons and gadgets – eliminating anyone who gets in her way.”

“In this developer playthrough, you’ll be able to see Emily Kaldwin’s lethal skills on full display as she artfully slices her way through everything in her path, before putting an end to Delilah’s Grand Inventor, Kirin Jindosh,” the video’s description adds.

For a different look at the Clockwork Mansion, Bethesda will bring out Save Anton Sokolov tomorrow – a low chaos stealth and non-lethal playthrough.

Will you be pre-ordering Dishonored 2 to play early?