RIGS Day One Update Adds Private Matches, Launch Trailer Released

October 12, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Releasing tomorrow for PlayStation VR, RIGS Mechanized Combat League from Guerrilla Games received its launch trailer today. If you want to see more of the title in action, check out this gameplay video focusing on the offline career mode:

Offering up some tips on how to get started in RIGS, Guerrilla revealed that there will be a day one update. In addition to enabling Private 1v1 matches and Bot Substitutions in online play, RIGS update 1.01 also includes “many feedback and usability additions in the patch.”

Once you’ve grabbed the patch, you’ll want to check out the tutorial and adjust the VR Comfort Settings:

RIGS Mechanized Combat League offers a comprehensive tutorial that is designed to slowly introduce you to the mechanics and controls before getting into your first match. The game also includes a VR Comfort Settings menu, which will let you choose between using Head Turning or Stick Turning, as well as toggling the dynamic Visor Mask. Lower screen brightness can also lead to a more comfortable play experience for some players. Experiment with the various options at your disposal and find the configuration you enjoy the most!

According to the European PlayStation StoreRIGS is an 18.6GB download and costs £49.99. If you’re getting the retail version, expect it to cost $49.99 USD.

PSVR isn’t out until tomorrow, but GameStop says they’re already selling games like RIGS, Battlezone, DriveClub VR, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. If you’re looking to pick up the PSVR headset, more than 1,600 GameStop stores will be open at 12:01am ET tonight.

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