Compare How Rise of the Tomb Raider & Mafia III Look on Consoles

Whenever a heavily anticipated game releases on multiple consoles, it’s always interesting to see if there are any differences in how it looks and performs. The past week has seen Rise of the Tomb Reader (make sure to read Chandler’s excellent review) finally make its way to PlayStation 4 after debuting on Xbox One last year, and Mafia III come out on both competing gaming devices. So, how do the two versions compare?

That’s exactly the question that our friends at Digital Foundry answered. In their Rise of the Tomb Raider comparison (which you can watch above), they found the PlayStation 4 version to look better than the Xbox One original, but anti-aliasing issues are still present. The game also performs better on PlayStation 4, and matches the Xbox One S. Pretty much, no matter what console you play Rise of the Tomb Raider on you’ll get a great experience. It is worth noting that if you want the ultimate experience, you’ll want to play on a PC, as it’s still the definitive version.

Digital Foundry also did a similar look at Mafia III (which you can see below). The big difference is in resolution as the PS4 version runs at 1080p, while the Xbox One version is at 900p. Other than that, the game looks nearly identical on the two versions. Beyond that, performance was generally similar among the two (which isn’t great) although the PlayStation 4 version tended to dip more. So, the Xbox One version runs a bit smoother (although still has issues), while the PlayStation 4 looks slightly better. Neither version seems to have much of an advantage, with each offering a comparable, if slightly difference experience.

(Source: Digital Foundry)